We have a wide range of marketing support


Market’s Best goes the extra mile to help promote the fruits we import with advertising campaigns to generate awareness and sales for the produce and brands of our suppliers.

We work with you to put your brand on supermarket shelves as we have done for a number of our suppliers and for ourselves.

Our Market’s Best brand is on the shelves year round offering the season’s best. Today the brand is well regraded for the range and consistent quality of its fruits at competitive prices.

How we do it:

  • Identify and select high quality / premium fruits with sustainable volume for the Market’s Best brand
  • Plan packing to suit fruits and retail requirements – shelf space, fruit size, packing, etc
  • Co-ordinate design and production of bags, labels, cartons
  • Pack and label to meet retail orders
  • Develop and manage advertising campaigns both television and print advertising

Customized branding to emphasize consistent quality, build familiarity and customer loyalty that will impact positively on sales


Market’s Best advertising and marketing campaigns have played an important part in promoting our own as well as the brands of overseas suppliers; achieving good sales.

For a number of years now, we have run TV campaigns on English, Chinese and Malay language channels with the objective of reaching into the homes of millions of Singaporean and build a strong presence for brands, produce and supermarket promotions. TV is supported by newspaper advertising and the combined effort has yielded success in terms of consumer awareness, brand loyalty; and increased sales, whilst providing value-added retail sales support.

We create our own TV commercials and can do so for your produce. From concept and content development, to script writing and video production; to TV scheduling and co-ordination, we do it all. Some examples are the specially created TV commercials for LOVACADO, VITOR Australian Navel Oranges and Market’s Best brand of Spanish Donut Peaches and Kaki Perimmons.


Spanish Fruit 2017 — bringing Spain to the forefront as an important exporter of quality fruits. Held in conjunction with Singapore’s largest supermarket chain, the campaign helped generate greater awareness for Spanish fruits.