Product Description

Choosing a pomegranate:
1. Select a heavy pomegranate
2. Choose the heaviest pomegranates to purchase
3. Mollar pomegranates have an uneven pink skin — this is NOT an indication of sweetness. The
fruit in its natural colour is often sweet
4. Test the fruit for any soft areas — select pomegranates with smooth, unbroken surfaces

How to store:
Pomegranates should be refrigerated; they’ll last at least three to four weeks. Once they’ve been seeded, the seeds also can be frozen in a tightly sealed bag.

Look forward to the awesome flavour of the Spanish Mollar Pomegranate! Rugged looking but sweet and juicy on the inside.

We are mostly familiar with the red-skinned, red-fleshed pomegranate which is the Wonderful variety. Its time to try the Mollar Pomegranate which surprises with its natural sweetness, smaller and softer pips and full bodied flavour.

Mollar Pomegranate has a rugged pinkish-beige skin with pink pulp. It is a great juicing variety which produces a milky-pink juice that is not only refeshing and tasty, but also nutritionally beneficial. It is higher in antioxidants than green tea and contains minerals, vitamins and lots of fiber.

The Spanish Mollars are especially prized and available from October-November. Fruits are generally large in size, varying between 300gms to 600gms.

Don’t miss out on Spanish Mollar Pomegranates when they are in season.