Product Description

One medium-size persimmon contains 66 milligrams of vitamin C – almost as much as an orange, and more than meets daily requirements. It is also a good source of iron and calcium.

Selection and storage tips:
Choose Persimmons that are clean and firm with deep saturated coloured; and heavy for its size. Little black strips on the skin denotes that the fruit is ripe and ready to eat.

Store Persimmons at room temperature till ripe and aromatic, then refrigerate in plastic bags.
Avoid refrigerating once removed from fridge.

Its the season for Spanish Kaki Persimmons!

This will last till around February. Kaki Persimmons are non-astringent and are delightfully crunchy and sweet. As the fruit ripens, they lose their crispiness and become softer, but unlike an apple, they are still very good when soft.

Kaki Persimmons are an unusual fruit with a hard, waxy though edible skin that develops a deep orange colour when ripe. The flesh is juicy and softy, with a deliciously unique flavour with a high level of sweetness. The entire fruit, except if there are seeds, is edible.

Available also from Australia (February to June); New Zealand (March to July); USA (August to January); Korea (October to December); and with outstanding quality from Spain (September to February).