Product Description

Tips on keeping your blueberries fresh

  • Berries are highly perishable and should be handled gently and stored in a dry, cool environment.
  • Best kept refrigerated at all times, stored uncovered or in original packing
  • Remove overripe berries but do not clean or wash berries till just before use. When ready to consume wash in cold water, do not soak

Blueberry season in Australia, South America and New Zealand is from May to October, May to October in the USA and Europe – September to March.

The berry generally varies in size from 5-16 mm diameter. It has a flared “crown” at the end and are pale green at first, turning reddish-purple, and finally indigo on ripening. The skin has a white-grey waxy protective ‘bloom’ surrounding a semi-transparent flesh that encases tiny seeds. They are sweet taste when mature, with variable acidity. Berries are highly perishable and are usually air-flown into Singapore by Market’s Best to preserve its freshness.

Blueberries are versatile and sold fresh or processed and may be used in a variety of consumer goods such as jellies, jams, pies, muffins, snack foods and cereals.