Product Description

Grapes contain antioxidants and have a high water content, making them excellent for hydration. The ways to consume grapes are endless – enjoy red, green, purple and black grapes on their own or as a jelly, jam or juice…not forgetting wines and raisins!

Grapes keep very well – up to two weeks – when stored and handled properly.

Tips on selecting and keeping your grapes fresh

  • Select grapes that are plump, firm to the touch and firmly attached to the stem
  • Remove any spoilt grapes before storing
  • Store grapes in their original packaging until ready to wash and consume
  • Fresh grapes should be refrigerated two hours after serving

The best of Spanish grapes are now available at FairPrice supermarket. Red, Green an Black — seedless grapes. Treat yourself to these flavourful delights!

The Spanish grape season spans from August to December. Australia and USA are traditional growers of grapes, together the two countries ensure year-round supply. The Australian grape season stretches from November to early May; and USA from May to January.

Black grapes have a bold blackish-purple skin colour; and with an occasional waxy bloom on the surface. The skin is firm, the pulp tender though somewhat less crunchy than most red or green table grapes. They are exceptionally sweet, juicy and tender. Popular varieties include Autumn Royal, Sable and Midnight Beauty.

While most grapes today are seedless — you may sometimes find tiny seed traces that are soft and edible.