The Market’s Best Story


Through the years, we have built strong bonds with growers, packers and consolidators who observe wholesome and sustainable practices, care about quality, have a strong culture of reliability; and are genuine about building long-term business relations.

Together with them, we have introduced new and premium fruits, enriching the local fresh fruit market with better produce and growing import volumes.  Continuous supplies from trusted sources, has enabled us to launch the Market’s Best brand as a mark of the confidence we have in the integrity of our suppliers. Today the Market’s Best brand is recognised for quality, good eating fruits that are freshly packed for sale at supermarkets around Singapore.

Market’s best is always evolving to meet new retail challenges, an increasingly competitive environment, new retail trends and the demand for well-protected pre-packed fruits. In line with this we have expanded our operations to include high volume, high speed automated packing with metal detection for better consumer safety; design and production capability for labelling, television commercials and advertisements; and coordination of in-store promotional activities.


We import from all corners of the world – from traditional sources such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA to emerging orchards in South America, Middle East and Africa.

Market’s Best represents a number of established growers and exporters. Among them is the well-respected COSTA Group of Australia – promoting their VITOR and LOVACADO brands. We are also a leading supplier of US citrus produce – Barnfields, Navels and Valencias oranges; as well as for Spanish fruits in particular Stone fruits, Kaki Persimmons, Mollar Pomegranates, grapes and oranges and for a range of fine Korean produce.


We approach our business with experience, knowledge, understanding and expertise and share this with our partners. We constantly exchange knowledge updates and information


Market’s Best is trusted for our swift, reliable and efficient turnaround; and our climate-controlled warehousing, temperature-controlled trucks and inventory management, go a long way towards ensuring that fruits are in their prime condition when placed on retail shelves. We work jointly with our partners to deepen roots in a sector that demands flawless quality, reliable performance; and a responsive mindset to ensure on-time deliver…every time.