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Red Grapes

Market’s Best is constantly on the look out for new grape varieties for Singapore consumers. We have taken the lead to import new and exotic varieties of Red, Green and Black seedless grapes from leading growers in Australia, Spain, USA and beyond.

Red grapes: Consumers are very familiar Flame, Crimson; Red Globe and Timco. We offer the market exotic varieties such as Krissy, Sonera, Scarlet Royal and Jack Salute when they are in season.

Green grapes: Ivory, Pristine and Sweet Globe seedless green grapes are mouth watering, sweet and crunchy; and together with the familiar and popular varieties of Thomson Seedless, Menindee and Autumn King, Market’s Best always seeks to expand the choice for consumers.

Black grapes: an exciting array of seedless varieties are gaining in popularity and add to the stable of black grapes — Adora, Sweet Sapphire, Sable together with Autumn Royal and Midnight Beauty. Characteristics range from crunchy to tender bites and all are exceptionally flavourful, sweet and juicy.

Product Description

Grapes are high in antioxidants with high water content and excellent for hydration.
Grapes keep very well – up to two weeks – when stored and handled properly.

Tips on selecting and keeping your grapes fresh

Select grapes that are plump, firm to the touch and firmly attached to the stem
1. Remove any spoilt grapes before storing
2. Store grapes in their original packaging until ready to wash and consume
3. Fresh grapes should be refrigerated


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