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Available from October to April from Australia, April to September from Spain and July to September from USA.

Nectarines or ‘Nectar of the Gods’, are a variety of peach. The sweet, delicious nectarine is appreciated for its rich juices, fragrant aroma, and unique taste. Nectarines have a smooth skin which can be yellow, peachy or red; with white or yellow flesh. They are ready to eat when the vibrant colour begins to tone down and the fruit begins to emit a sweet fragrance. There is also a flat variety – popularly known as Donut Nectarines.

Yellow nectarines are best eaten when they are a little soft and when they yield slightly to gentle palm pressure – at this point they will be sweet and tart to taste. The yellow flesh variety usually starts off with a slightly acidic flavour, while their white counterpart have low acidic levels and therefore are sweet even when they are firm and crunchy. Both varieties get sweeter and juicier as they soften – white speckles near the stem are the best indicator of ripeness.

Product Description

Juicy, delicious nectarines are low in calories (100g and is just about 44 calories) and contain no saturated fats.
They are packed with numerous health promoting anti-oxidants, plant nutrients, minerals and vitamins and are a good source of B-complex vitamins and minerals.

Selecting and storage tips:
Stone fruits bruise easily so look for smooth, unblemished fruit and handle with care.
When ripe, they should produce a full-bodied aroma from the stem and start to lose its brightness.
A good sign of how sweet they are is the presence of white freckles on the top half of the fruit.


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