Red Plums


Plums are fleshy, juicy, fragrant and delicious fruits that belong to the stone fruit family. They come in different coloured skin — yellow, green, red and black. The juicy pulp varies in colour from creamy yellow to rich red. Plums are packed nutrients containing vitamins, minerals and a high level of antioxidants and dietary fiber. Plums come in a variety of colours red, purple, black, green and yellow.

Red plums are red, round and with a thin, smooth and shiny skin. The flesh is dense and may be yellow or red depending on the variety and when fully ripe are sweet with a tartness that comes from the skin.

Black plums are generally larger than other plums. They have deep purple to black coloured skin and are fragrant and a richly flavoured, and very sweet when fully ripened, though less juicy than other types of plums.

Green and yellow plums are less acidic and tend to be sweet without the tartness of other plum varieties. Famous among the green variety is the Claudia which is small, with firm (even when ripe), compact yellowish pulp.

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Choosing and storing plums:
Look for plums that are plump with smooth, unblemished skin. When ripe, plums should give slightly when gently squeezed; except for green and yellow plums which tend to remain firm even when ripe.

If plums are hard and unripe, place them in dark paper bag for a day or two and when they soften and ripen, store them in the refrigerator. Eat them within 3 to 5 days.


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