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STONE FRUITS are characterised by their hard seed in the centre and refer to cherries, peaches, plums, plumcots, nectarines and their varieties. They are somewhat different from other fruit in that they are often harvested unripe to maintain their quality during transportation.

The main punch stone fruits pack is their vitamin content. They provide a variety of vitamins: A, C, E, K and six of the B complex vitamins. Stone fruits also contain high amounts of potassium and provide some magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, and calcium.

The main varieties of peaches imported into Singapore are white peaches and yellow peaches. White peaches, like white nectarines, are sweet and crunchy at their best. A good sign of how sweet they are is the presence of white freckles on the top half of the fruit.

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Selecting and storage tips:
The red or “blush” of a Stone fruits is an indication of variety, not ripeness.
They should be soft to the touch but not mushy. Don’t squeeze these fruits as they bruise easily.

Place them at room temperature and they will ripen within a few days. Refrigerate when ripe, and eat them within a week of purchase.

When ripe, the most Stone fruit should produce a full-bodied aroma from the stem and start to lose its brightness. A simple test to determine if your fruit needs to ripen a little longer is to press gently with the tip of your finger near the stem, if it dents easily it is ripe; if it it is hard and stiff, it needs a little more time.


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