Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Advertising Campaigns

Market’s Best goes the extra mile to help promote the fruits we import. We proudly put our name to premium quality fruits and boldly differentiate ourselves by engaging in sales and advertising campaigns to build a strong presence for our overseas suppliers while providing value-added retail sales support.

Print advertising

Spanish Fruit 2017 — bringing Spain to the forefront as an important exporter of quality fruits. Held in conjunction with Singapore’s largest supermarket chain, the campaign helped generate greater awareness for Spanish fruits.

TV commercials

Our television commercials are aimed at taking brands and retail offers into the homes of 2.3 million Singaporeans – reaching families, working professionals and youths. Selectively scheduling and airing of specially prepared commercials were timed to draw attention to the availability of Spanish Donut Peaches and Kaki Persimmons; and Vitor Australian Navel oranges and price offers in supermarkets.